Genuine Carlisle CX270 Gold Ribbon® Cog-Belt®


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Genuine Carlisle CX270 V-Belt 7/8 x 274in OC

EPDM is: ■ Durable ■ Oil and heat resistant ■ Static conductive ■ Resistant to hardening and glazing

The EPDM Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt is specially designed for increased performance:

■  Broader operating temperature range (-50°F to +250°F) ■  Smoother running ■  Belt side walls reduce vibration for extended component life ■  New cog profile reduces bending stress ■  Improved flexibility for increased performance on small diameter pulleys

The Carlisle EPDM Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt is:

■  Made in the USA ■  Energy efficient ■  Built to ChekMate® belt tolerances for a matched set ■  Backed b your “Ironclad Guarantee”

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Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in