L16T10S Belt

L16T10S Open Ended Urethane Steel Belt

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L16T10S Belt

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L16T10S Open Ended Urethane Steel Belt

Megalinear® open-end timing belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane, giving superior wear and abrasion resistance.  Various grades of steel cords offer good running characteristics, even with high-torque loads.

Manufactured to tight tolerances, Megalinear® delivers reliability and excellent dimensional stability.  The addition of a nylon fabric on the tooth and/or the back of the belt, offering extra protection against abrasive or heavy products.

Megalinear® offers the following features:

Mechanical Features:

  • Consistent dimensional stability
  • Low pre-tension
  • Low noise
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • High flexibility
  • Linear speeds up to 80 m/second (over 15,000 ft./min.)
  • High precision linear positioning

Chemical Features:

  • Good resistance to aging, hydrolysis, UVA rays & ozone
  • Working temperature: -13°F to + 176°F (up to +230°F for short periods)
  • High resistance to oils, fats and greases
  • Good resistance to most acids and Alkalis
  • Compatible for fabrication with other thermoplastic materials

Megalinear® can be supplied as open-end rolls or as endless spliced belts.

Open Length Belts

These are manufactured as continuous lengths, with the reinforcement in a parallel configuration.  Standard roll lengths are 50 or 100 meters.  Other lengths are available upon request.

Endless Spliced Belts

By splicing, using the thermoplastic properties of the open-end belt, endless belts can be produced to any length by welding.  The finished splice is resistant to fatigue from flexing and tension due to the unique symmetrical Vee shaped pattern of the splice.

Endless spliced belts are suitable for conveying applications, particularly when indexing and/or positive drive is required.  Supplementary application of cleats, profiles, fabrics and backings is possible to suit specific applications.

Megalinear® is also available with alternative reinforcement cords, such as Kevlar® (K), High Flex (HF), High Performance (HP) and High Performance Flex (HPF).

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