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ptx cross

Do you know who we really like? You! We love our customers and will do whatever we can to make sure that you get the belt you need at the best price. We know that finding the right belt can be especially difficult and it is very hard to know if a belt that you found on the internet is what you are actually looking for. The original manufacturer may have discontinued the belt for your lawnmower but does anyone else still make it? What if they have a different number for the belt? What if another company has a similar number, is it possible that it is for a completely different belt? Why does it seem like some belts cost so much more than others?

Today, V-Belts Direct is proud to announce that we have partnered with a brand new reference site for belts called PT Cross. These innovative guys have come up with a great tool for finding any belt you’re looking for. If you have the belt number simply type it into the search bar and it brings up manufacturers who have the belt. If you are a subscriber to the site it also has a button to show all the matching products even if they are numbered differently! Here is a short video showing how it works:

While a casual do-it-yourselfer may not want to subscribe but anyone who buys belts on a regular basis could more than make up the subscription price in savings with access to every matching belt. If you are a hardware store or repair shop you could pass those savings on to your customers. If you fall into that category then PT Cross is offering a free trial to new members. This is a great deal and a great what to avoid buying the wrong belt and going through the hassle of returns.

verify dimensions

So what do we get out of it? I’m glad you asked! We have embedded PT Cross’s comprehensive information for each belt into the “Verify Dimensions” tab on our entire catalog of over 75,000 belts! While this is definitely a new project and there are still some belts that are not in their system the vast majority are and they are working hard to add new belts every day. On the flip side, they have some belts that are not yet in our system that we are working to add to our stock as soon as possible, allowing us to have the absolute best catalog of v-belts, timing belts, and more available anywhere on the planet!

If you have more questions or would like to find out more about PT Cross simply head over there by clicking HERE. But as for our loyal customers, thanks for shopping at and enjoy the new “verify dimensions”  tab full of v-belt goodness!