Introducing The Part Cart

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We at V Belts Direct are automobile enthusiasts. We sell power transmission belts, care about things like efficiency, speed, and power. Translation: we like fast things. If you are a regular customer, you may have noticed that at times our site can be a little slow. Boo.

So over the past couple of months we have been working on a little project. Not just some under the hood changes on, but a much bigger project. We are proud today to announce a brand new project: The Part Cart has all the great belts that V Belts Direct offers and much much more. We are adding agricultural parts, lawn and garden, as well as name brand manufacturers.
We are using a completely different web site platform to give us greater speed from the ground up. is fast all the way through, from the home page all the way through checkout. From a personal perspective, the backend is much easier to handle and manage which will free up time for greater development and expansion in the future.
While the site is certainly still in beta, with a few tiny little bugs that need squashed, it is very very close to being ready to be launched. Until then, we wanted to give our v-belts customers the first opportunity to give it a test drive and kick the tires. We are looking for speed, reliability, and of course ease of use. We want the ease and convenience of the internet’s biggest shopping sites, but we really want the customer service of your local hardware. In fact we are even working on an even bigger project involving your local hardware and auto parts store (but we will have to keep that under wraps for the moment).
Why are we starting The Part Cart? We want to be better:
Better catalog
Better shipping
Better speed
Same great customer service (ok maybe it is a little better, too)
If you want to try out The Part Cart simply head over to the link below. If you run into any problems, whether technical, or are looking for something that you think we should have but don’t, please contact us and let us know at